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Disability & Inclusive Tech


Braille Cube

Adjustable Braille Cubes for visually impaired children who are learning to read and write.

Disability wheelchair

Smart Wheelchair

Voice and gesture controlled smart wheelchair for people who cannot walk or talk but need mobility for their day to day lives. 

Gesture glove

Gesture to Speech Gloves

Gloves that convert  sign language into speech, for people who cannot express themselves verbally.

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A dedicated team at WizHealth has been working on recreating Stanford's open source Pneumask for the healthcare workers at hospitals which are saturated with Covid-19 patients. The team has successfully dispatched more than 90 Pneumasks till date to the doctors within at-risk local hospitals in small towns and rural areas by custom 3D printing adapters for viral filters to aid on duty doctors. 

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in Bangladesh

Disinfection & UV Solutions 


Disinfection Chambers

(Left) Team WizHealth has been providing office and factory spaces with our very own Disinfection Chambers, manufactured in-house from scratch. These disinfection chambers are uniquely designed to accommodate disinfectants within itself to save space and dual sensors installed to provide efficacy.

UV Boxes 

(Right) Our UV Boxes are simple for office and home use, and can be used to disinfect day to day objects to keep home safe and Corona-free. The box is created with weight, potency and aesthetic in mind. 

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Our purpose 

We are a health-tech startup, currently based in Dhaka Bangladesh. At WizHealth we believe in improving lives by incorporating extensive research with low cost hardware to provide high-tech health solutions for  people in low income communities 

Disability Tech

We focus on low cost assistive tech products because of a lack of affordable solutions existing in the market. There are more than 1 billion people in the world who experience some form of disability. We at Wizhealth believe that we can make a difference in their lives with our combined efforts. 

Our Products 

Since our inception in 2019, we have successfully implemented various need-based products to help mobilize the disabled people in our communities. They have been conducted with a team of highly skilled experts and group of researchers, often in collaboration with various education institutions. 

Our Partners & Supporters

WizHealth team is constantly collaborating and communicating with the international open source hardware and maker community to find easily implementable solutions to unique problems related to multiple disability arenas. We partner with healthcare institutions and education institutions for research and trials in order to crystallize our concepts.  

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