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About our Ramadan Planner

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Our Kids Ramadan Activity Kit is designed to engage kids in fun and interactive ramadan and science activities which they can track through the kit. The kit can later be turned into an interactive Eid card.

What is included in the kit?

Our Ramadan activity planner includes a list of activities for children that they can do over a few days’ time, with an entire set of stickers that they can use in the planner to mark every finished activity. This planner can also be doubled as an Eid card, so we have included decorative craft material so that the children can use their imagination and the craft materials to decorate the planner. The kit is also a tracker for moon phases and also includes moon stickers for kids to mark when they see the moon in the sky, so that they can learn about the monthly moon cycle.


★ Cognition development 
★ Consciousness maturation 

★ STEM learning 

★ Community Engagement 


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