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Converting a digital file into a solid 3D object seemed very futuristic and ambitious thought when it was first developed in 1981 by a Japanese man named Hideo Kodama. He was trying to use a photosensitive resin that was polymerized by UV light to print a solid 3D object. He was unable to develop this technology any further at that time but he is credited as being the first inventor of this manufacturing system.

In the early 2000s, this technology attracted a few investors and was slowly being developed and refined to an efficient 3d printing machine.

In 2008 a prosthetic leg was printed that gained a lot of attention and approval from the public. This attracted a lot of new inventors and investors to further improve the 3d printing system and the prices started dropping and making the machines more affordable to the general public.

In 2019, the world’s largest functional 3D printed building was completed. 3D printing is now consistently used in developing hearing aids and other healthcare applications, and many industries and sectors have adopted the technology into their everyday workflow. It’s safe to say that the history of 3D printing is still being written.

3D printing is so versatile and useful it can be used everywhere, from Education to large scale manufacturing firms. One of the most useful technology with limitless possibilities! The only limit is your imagination! It is one of the best tools for new inventors and brilliant minds to make projects using 3d printers at cheap costs. Many science projects are made easy using 3d printers, there are many such projects you can do yourself!

Apart from that, it is used in medicine to help people! With 3D printing, measured prosthetics can be modelled and printed at a significantly lower cost. Many prosthetics are now made with special 3D printers, and many who couldn't afford these things now can, and are living happy lives.

It is also used in construction to build more complex structures and mechanisms. Advantages of these technologies include allowing more complexity and accuracy, faster construction, lower labour costs, greater functional integration, and less waste. In Fact, in 2017 in Russia, an entire house was built using 3D printing!

In the coming years, 3D printing will become even more advanced and user friendly, as such that anyone can use it! Many big companies have already developed 3D printers for the general public to purchase. But it is far from perfect as it is quite complex and the price is still pretty high. But where there is a problem there will always be a solution!

3D printing pens have already been invented. What is a 3D pen you ask? Why it is a small pen that uses plastic instead of ink to draw and the best part, you can draw on any surface and you can draw in 3D! Pretty soon 3D printers may be something every household has like regular printers, the future holds endless possibilities and excitement!

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