10 fun facts about the human body!

1. Did you know that you’re a little taller in the morning than at night? This is because of how the soft cartilage in your bones compresses during different activities during the day.

2. Human beings can make up to 262.8 liters of saliva per year! That is enough to fill two bathtubs!

3. Your skin has 1000 different species of bacteria on it at any given time.

4. Only 1% of the bacteria can result in the human body becoming ill.

5. Fingernails grow faster than your toenails.

6. The largest bone in the human body is the femur, also known as the thigh bone. The smallest bone is the stirrup bone, which is located inside your eardrum.

7. A block of bone the size of a matchbox can support up to 18,000 pounds of weight so bones are actually stronger than steel.

8. Goosebumps evolved to make our ancestors’ hair stand up, making them appear more threatening to predators. It is also thought to keep them warm as the hair traps more air for insulation.

9. Humans are the only animals with chins.

10.Your tongue is made up of eight interwoven muscles, similar in structure to an elephant’s trunk or an octopus’s tentacle.

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